Harm Reduction And Drug Addiction

A  “Smart On Drugs Policy” is focused on harm reduction and understanding drug addiction. When understanding drug addiction and substance abuse, we are still a long way from a policy geared toward harm reduction.

There is more to the process than what can be crafted by one person. When it comes to drug addiction and harm reduction, lives are at stake.  More lives than necessary with the current War On Drugs

Drug Addiction Topics

1.  General Information About Drug Addiction

2. Current Harm Reduction

3. Basic Future Of Harm Reduction

– Nationwide Drug Courts

– Rehabilitation Not Incarceration

– True Drug Education, Not Anti-Drug Propaganda

– Needle Exchange

4. Smart On Drug Policy Ideal Harm Reduction

– Needle Exchange And Safe Use Houses

– Decriminalization Of All Drugs, Legalization of Natural Drugs

– Psychedelic Therapy

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