“Smart On Drugs Policy “

A “Smart On Drugs Policy”  can end the War On Drugs. It’s the beginning of an era to provide help to people with substance abuse problems a real chance at recovery.- Growth In Recovery

What Is A Smart On Drugs Policy

Smart On Drugs Policy” is an approach to drug addiction that recognizes addiction as a health issue and tackles the challenge with harm reduction. In some cases, it may be a health issue due to genetics or a health issue of the mind created by a chemical imbalance that resulted in an increased chance of substance abuse. This is the complete opposite of our current substance abuse paradigm that is illustrated by the War On Drugs. Instead of throwing people who have a drug addiction or substance abuse problem into jail, this approach would allow for the possession of small amounts of drugs to not result in an arrest. Instead, the  person participating in substance abuse would be fined a ticket for the first three offenses. On the fourth offense they would be given an indictment to a substance abuse and drug addiction court that would be established as part of the “Smart On Drugs Policy”. The established substance abuse and drug addiction court would then apply to them drug addiction offender status. They would not only have to pay fine for their drug addiction but would require drug addiction rehabilitation services from 3 months to 1 Year. This would give them a chance to deal with their substance abuse problem and easily reintegrate back into normal society . That is something they would not have been able to do under the War On Drugs paradigm. The time would depend on the individual circumstances and how many times they had been charged with drug addiction offender status.

Using the model of a “Smart On Drugs Policy”, money saved from the long man hours that were required during the War On Drugs would be used in the creation of drug addiction rehabilitation services, needle exchanges, injection safe sites, and further studies outside the traditional school of thought involved in drug addiction and drug addiction recovery. A “Smart On Drugs Policy’ would also take money out of the hands of dangerous gangs and cartels that were founded thanks to the War On Drugs.

Currently, Portugal has adopted a “Smart On Drugs Policy” that is similar to what needs to be done in the United States. Their laws have actually been on the books for over 12 years now. The conclusion they have come up with after over a decade of a ‘Smart On Drugs Policy’? It actually works. For proponents of the archaic,  tyrannical, and reminiscent of Jim Crow Laws that represent the War On Drugs, it must truly be devastating to know that a “Smart On Drugs” approach would work. The racist nature of the War On Drugs has just been truly revealed within the past few years. Modern times are often portrayed as being more acceptable of all races, religions, and beliefs, but it is hard to imagine having any idea of tolerance in modern times with modern day Jim Crow Laws like the War On Drugs still on the books.

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